Everyone loves to be told when they have done a good job. If you have recently seen us perform then we want to hear from you! Please leave a comment and let us know what you thought of our perfomance and dancers. By filling out the form below, you allow us to use your comment as future testimonials for our dance team. Thank you.










Thank you so much for all you do. That was Awesome! John Adams our Assistant Cubmaster who has been with the pack for 9 years said it was the best Blue and Gold he's ever seen. My uncle who is an Eagle scout and a runner is a retired CEO and he was extremely impressed. I cannot say enough about your group. I will reccomend your group to anyone I come in contact with as Roundtable Commissioner.  You guys make me proud to be a tribesman

Eric Myers
Pack 3258



I wanted to say thank you for the impressive performance that you did last week for Pack 3597.  It was truly an extraordinary evening.  Not only did it give our Webelos IIs a chance to go out on a high note, it provided a wonderful and interactive experience for all of our scouts.  My son was still talking about getting to dance with the tribe late into the night.  My daughter was even glad we dragged her to the meeting.  I hope you guys will be available when my son crosses over next December!  Thanks again,

Steve Horner
Pack 3597



The boys absolutely loved it!  One of my favorite memories from this banquet is my boy, along with all of the boys and many of the adult leaders, taking part in one of the dances.  Great fun!

Robb Jones
Pack 180



Cub Scout Pack 1 of Ft. Leavenworth thoroughly enjoyed the White Shield Dance Team's performance at their crossover/graduation ceremony. The performance was amazing! I loved the question and answer time that Mr. Wolf took with the cubs. The Cubs loved participating in the Snake Dance and the Pow-Wow; actually getting to dance with the Tribesmen was an honor for these boys and adults.  I am always amazed at how well the boys sit quietly for the performance and how much they admire the tribesmen and the positive impact just one performance can make. It is often the one thing that changes a scout's mind about quitting or remaining in Scouting.  You all are awesome and your costumes are very IMPRESSIVE! Well done all the way around. Thanks for all you do and for the GREAT performance.

Carol Gersema
Pack 1



The Mic-O-Say Tribe performed at our Pack's Crossover Campout this past weekend.  This event is the culmination of our regular year of scouting and where our boys receive their neckerchiefs for the new Cub Scout rank.  The dancers were incredibly professional and arrived on time and were ready to dance at the exact moment they agreed to be.  Their performance was educational and fun.  My favorite parts where when Mr. Wolf invited the boys and adults to participate in the dances.  It was a wonderful way to include the boys in the event.  Explaining the tribe also worked to keep the boys enthused about scouting and helped to set their sights on the Eagle rank.  All in all, it was a fantastic experience and I would STRONGLY encourage anyone to work with this team in the future!!!

Matt Holmes
Pack 1



It was a great experience to watch the dance team perform our Order of the Arrow ceremony and be the Blue & Gold Banquet evening entertainment. Many of the dancers are in Troop 169 and were previous Cub Scouts and Leaders from Pack 3169. This event was a great example for Cub Scouts to look forward to if they stay in the Scouting program.

Clyde Hall
Pack 3169



Thanks so much for a wonderful performance at Pack 180's Blue & Gold Banquet. The boys loved it, especially the opportunity to dance with the Tribesmen. We received many positive comments from both parents and scouts. Stephen and the team were great to work with, and very helpful, making our Blue & Gold one of the best we've had! Thank you

Curtis Hall
Pack 180



I wanted to express my appreciation and tell you how impressed I was with your performance at our Blue & Gold Banquet.  Your willingness to devote your time and energy to make such a positive difference in the lives of young boys is truly remarkable.  You perform with spirit and authenticity while showing great respect for tradition and for Native Americans.  Sachem Quiet Pool (Stephen Wolf) directs with commanding authority and kept all of us enthralled to the end.  It took me back many years to my days at H.Roe Bartle Scout Camp- wonderful memories! Thank you for your performance and for all you do for scouting.

Michael Morris
Pack 360



 My family has been attending the banquet every year since my son was a Tiger. This was the first year we have had the White Shield Dance Team perform and conduct the ceremony. This year my son received his Arrow of Light and the presenation, involvement and the awesome performance truly made this event most memorable for all of us!!! Thank you. 

Shari Shafer
Pack 3428




 Thank you so much for providing such a terrific program and entertainment for our combined Pack Blue and Gold and Troop Court of Honor in Liberty. All of the boys and adults had nothing but compliments. We were all very impressed. The boys especially loved all of the audience participation. Thanks again you guys are awesome! 

Shannon Miller
Pack 134



 Thank you so much for the "awesome" dance performance at our recent Blue and Gold Banquet. Scouts and adults alike enjoyed it immensely. We really enjoyed how the scouts and audience members were actually involved in the dancing. We most definitely would recommend the White Shield Dance Team for any scouting event. 

Elaine Colbert
Pack 3352



 A truly great performance and tribute to the Native Americans of the Plains. 

Jerry Block "Wind From the Sunrise"
Pack 900



 After three days of hearing the boys laughing and  having a good time at day camp I was stunned by how quiet and in awe they were while the dancers were performing. All of the boys and adults were very impressed by the dancers. Thank you for taking the time to come to camp in the middle of the week. YOU ARE AWESOME

Chris Lewis Day Camp Director
Twin Rivers District



 Thank you so much for another great job. This is the second year you have performed and helped with our Arrow of Light ceremony. The boys talked about it for weeks. We appreciate you involving all the boys in the audience as well as those crossing over. You made it a ceremony that the boys will remember. Excellent Job!!! Thanks. 

David Allen
Pack 3181




 Your dancers did a wonderful job assisting the cross over ceremony. You open the eyes of both scouts and parents alike. Many are still talking about the dancers and have already started asking questions about next year. Thank you for all you time and effort to keep the scouting sprit alive today. Your team deserves a special HOW-HOW from all our tribesmen. 

Bill Latteman
Pack 3253



 Your dance team performed at my grandson's crossover ceremony and that made it a truly memorable occasion for him.  Your dedication to scouting and the professionalism of your dancing meant a great deal to the boys. Thank you so very much for your time and efforts. 

Paul Lee



 Your team performed at our Arrow of Light/Webelos cross over ceremonies for the last two years.  Both times, your team showed professionalism and enthusiasm.  The boys (and the adults) really enjoy the show and seeing older kids involved in scouting.  My personal favorite dance is the Big Small/Little Small. 

Brad Engelken
Pack 3291



 Thanks so much for an outstanding Arrow of Light performance. I could tell by looking at our boys faces that they were totally absorbed by the program, and I know it will make for an excellent scouting memory.  The whole audience enjoyed it immensley. Please let the members of White Shield Dance Team know how much we appreciate them!  Thanks! 

Craig Alexander
Pack 3291



 I have never seen the young boys so quiet.  They were absolutely enthralled... 

Susan Arnspiger
Pack 3291





 The dance team made the ceremony so special.  Something none of us will ever forget.  Living in the Shawnee Mission area with all of our school names, street names, city names, sports team etc... reflecting Indian history we do not know enough about and should.  We felt like we walked away with more knowledge of American Indian Culture.  Thank you for your time, talent and enthusiasm. Your costumes were tremendous! 

Jill Opelka
Pack 3291





 I would highly recommend to any Cub Scout Pack to have the White Shield Dance Team perform for your scouts.  The team just performed at our Blue & Gold Banquet and also participated in our Arrow of Light and Crossover ceremonies.  What a wonderful evening for all the families, and a memorable evening for the scouts.  The team is great to work with, and exemplify all that is good in scouting.  This was a memorable evening for all involved as the Dance Team does a great job sharing the tradition of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.  If you want a great evening for your Scout Pack, book the White Shield Dance Team to perform.  Great job!  Thank you so much. 

Craig Elford
Pack 3092



 Your team danced at my son's Blue & Gold Banquet as well as helped in the cross over ceremony. The ceremony was wonderful and meant so much to all. I watched all the boys' faces as you were dancing, they were trilled. I heard many positive comments about bringing the boys up into the performance. Thank you so much for giving your time. 

Amy Stute
Pack 360



 You performed at my son's AOL ceremony and did a wonderful job. It made the night even more special for him and his fellow cubs and scouts. The professionalism and ceremony that you brought to your performance created an atmosphere that kept the scout's attention and made an enjoyable evening for all in attendance. VERY WELL DONE! Thank You all for your dedication and your artistry. 

Chuck Knoepker
Pack 3384





 I am an Eagle Scout and a warrior in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, so I have seen a lot of dancers. The White Shield Mic-O-Say dancers are by far the best I have ever seen. The cub scouts enjoyed every moment. The dancers had great energy and the costumes were very authentic and well thought out. We all appreciated your performance and most importantly your dedication to an organization that instills great values and character in our youth today. Thank you and God Bless you all. 

Kirk McLoughlin
Pack 3384



 What a fabulous job your Dance Team did for our Pack. The boys (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed observing and enjoyed participating even more. Thanks for putting on what felt like a professional performance. You were AWESOME! 

Terry Dietrich
Pack 3030



 The White Shield Dance Team came and performed a cerimony for our Arrow of Light and our WeBeLoS crossing-over. The program was very meaningful to the boys, and the participatory dance demonstrations really made a positive impression on all the parents, boys, and siblings. Many of the First Year WeBeLoS asked if we could do this again next year. I am sure we will. 

Bruce Harken
Pack Trainer - Pack 3291



 I would like to applaud you on your performance at the Pack 3200 Blue & Gold banquet. You had the kids attention throughout the whole event and were able to keep it interesting to them. This is my 4th Blue & Gold with my son and as far as I am concerned your crew made it the best. It will be hard to follow it up for my other son's Blue & Gold next year. 

Michael Skaggs
Pack 3200
Olathe, KS



 The Mic-O-Say dancers have performed several times for us and I must say that each time is a delight! Their performance at Blue and Gold was fabulous. Everyone enjoyed the elaborate costumes, impressive stories and dancing. The boys especially enjoyed the interactive portions of the performance. It was a special highlight to the festivities and we look forward to having them perform again! 

Anna Robinette
Apache Tribe - Pack 1
Ft. Leavenworth, KS



 The White Shield Dance Team gave an awesome performance at our Cub Scout Pack Meeting. We really enjoyed it, we had over 20 cub scouts captivated by the dance routines, and the experience of the ceremonies. You know a perfomance is good, when you can hold the attention of cub scouts for 45 minutes! I was glad to see the White Shield Dance Team involve the cub scouts in some of the dances. The boys had a great time, and the parents enjoyed it too. Thanks so much for visiting our Pack and sharing the Mic-O-Say traditions with us. 

Ron Alt
Cubmaster, Pack 3551
Shawnee, KS



 Our entire Pack totally enjoyed the performance of the White Shield Dancers. The Scouts especially enjoyed how much they got to interact with the dancers. It was done in a way that was pleasurable to watch and to be involved in. The dress attire was unique and eye catching. I encourage all to experience this dance team at least once! Thank you for your professionalism and great experience you gave to our Scouts. You helped to make our Blue & Gold Banquet a success. Keep Dancin'! 

Valerie Hidy
Pack 320
Liberty, MO



 We had a terrific time at our Arrow of Light ceremony! The boys were really interested in the performance, and the participation was great. Thank you for making it a special evening, and I'm sure our graduating Webelos will always remember it. Good job! 

Craig Alexander
Pack 3291
Prairie Village, KS



 Our Pack had such an awesome time at our Blue and Gold cermony this year with the White Shield Dance Team. The boys and their families were entertained with the audience participation portions of the performance. The Arrow of Light Ceremony was quite impressive to all. Thank You for making our night easy to plan and enjoy! 

Cher Corrigan
Pack 3254
Overland Park, KS



 Our family would like to thank you for making our youngest son's last Blue and Gold Banquet something to remember. We have seven sons and have been to many Blue and Gold Banquets. The White Shield dance team's performance was the best! Thanks for your efforts in sharing the magic and traditions of scouting. 

Tamara Rogers
Pack 135
Kearney, MO



 We had so much fun participating in your program. It was a great addition to our Blue & Gold Banquet. Thank you for helping make our evening a special one! 

Jeanine Fotheringhame
Pack 135
Kearney, MO



 I would like to thank you for the performance at our Blue and Gold Banquet on Sunday Feb. 24. The Cub Scouts of Pack 1 Comanche Tribe were very impressed with the ceremony and dance. In fact it has sparked an interest in some of the boys to continue on in Boy Scouts where they were hesitant before. I thank you for that.  You have touched the lives of our young scouts and made a difference. 

Carol Gersema
Pack 1 Comanche Tribe
Ft. Leavenworth, KS



 Cub Pack 3089 of Olathe, KS would like to thank you for performing at our Blue & Gold Dinner. Our Pack families enjoyed the stories and dance. All were amazed by the elaborate costumes. Bravo White Shield Mic-O-Say! 

Kelly Pettyjohn



 The White Shield dance team put on an excellent performance for Cub Pack 76 in Chanute, KS. This performance was to a crowd who've never seen Mic-O-Say before. They are still talking about how cool the dancers were and how they had many instances for audience participation. Way-to-go fellow tribesmen! 

William Gage
Runner Least Spirit House



 The White Shield Mic-O-Say dancers recently performed at the Arrow of Light and crossover ceremony for our Cub Scout Pack 3348 at Rolling Hills Presbyterian Church. They did a great job at entertaining and informing the audience. I have seen many Mic-O-Say dance ceremonies and can say that the White Shield Mic-O-Say dancers are among the best I've ever seen. Having the dancers perform prior to conducting the Arrow of Light and crossover ceremony was a good choice. I would not hesitate in recommending the White Shield Mic-O-Say dancers for any important Scouting event we have in the future. 

Roger Peck
Honorary Warrior Iron Builder